A booster (sometimes known as a Power-up) is an item in Pet Rescue Saga that can be used to simplify gameplay. They do this in various forms.

List of boostersEdit

There are many types of boosters in the game.

Booster Name In-game Description Effect Unlocked Icon
Block Buster Use a Block Buster to smash a regular or multiplier block! Level 7
Color Pop Use a Color Pop balloon to remove on-screen blocks of the same color! Level 10
Column Blaster Use a Column Blaster rocket to clear a row of blocks, cages and pet carriers! Level 17
Mesh Masher Use a Mesh Masher to cut open all visible wire boxes! Level 19
Master Key Use a Master Key to unlocked the locked blocks! Level 33
Line Blaster Use a Line Blaster to clear an entire row of blocks, cages and pet carriers! Acts like the regular Column Blaster. Level 48
Paintbrush Use a Paintbrush to paint 5 blocks the same color! Level 164